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Mt Albert War Memorial Hall

2:30pm Sunday 19 November 2023

Family Concert:  Baroque Viola and Schubert

Baroque strings share this early summer programme with Schubert at his tuneful best. 

Telemann's gentle Concerto for Two Violas takes centre stage, following up on his Viola Concerto in G we performed at Leys Institute in 2019. 

Two major contrasting works by Pietro Locatelli show Italian flair. His Sinfonia Funebre reflects the sombre nature of a funeral, but traverses a path from sadness to optimism; from the past to the future. 

Locatelli's Christmas Concerto evokes the mystery, wonder and adoration of the season. Its bright and lively music requires two solo violins, two solo violas and a solo cello in addition to the usual complement of strings.  

Schubert's youthful overture The Devil as Engineer and selections from incidental music to Rosamunde – with an entr'act, 'Shepherd's Melodies' and two ballets – round out our final concert of 2023. 

Soloists: Iona McDonald, Judith Gust (viola); Evelyn Boyack, Paula Scandle (violin); Jessica Ambler (cello). 

Admission is free. 


Concerto for Two Violas
Sinfonia Funebre
'Christmas Concerto' (Concerto Grosso in F Minor)

Overture 'Der Teufel als Hydraulicus'
'Rosamunde' selections






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