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Major Auckland orchestras active in early twentieth century

A rich musical heritage  

At the outbreak of World War I more than two dozen orchestras were active in Auckland, ranging from professional and amateur classical orchestras, and orchestras catering to society events, to orchestras that accompanied dramatic productions and silent movies. The music extant in our collection is a valuable legacy of the wealth of music played across the city a century ago. 

Art music
  Auckland Amateur Operatic Society
  Auckland Orchestral Society
  Auckland Orphans Club Orchestra
  Auckland Savage Club Orchestra
  Bohemian Orchestra
  Devonport Musical Society
  Leys Institute Orchestra
  West's Premier Ladies' Orchestra
  YMCA Orchestra

  Burke's Operatic Orchestra
  Fuller's King's Theatre First-Class Orchestra
  Grand Orchestra - Williamson Opera
  Lilli's Orchestra
  Schneider's Orchestra
  Strand Theatre Orchestra
  Tivoli Theatre Orchestra

  Albert Symphony Orchestra
  Alhambra Grand Orchestra
  His Majesty's Theatre Full Orchestra
  King George Theatre Full Orchestra
  Princess Orchestra

  Aloha Orchestra (1921)

  Burnand's Professional Orchestra (1921)

  Exhibition Orchestra
  Franklin Road Orchestra

  Glideway Orchestra

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