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Heritage Repertoire Highlights 

Leys Orchestra have performed much music from our heritage collection of over a thousand published compositions. Here are highlights from past programmes, with many pieces having had multiple performances. 

French Comedy Overture, Bela Kela
A Celtic Idyl, Shaun Hart
A Little Later On, GL Cobb
Agüero (Paso-Doble), José Franco
Alpine Echoes, R Herfurth
Amparito Roca (Spanish March), Jaime Texidor
Bal Masque - Valse-Caprice (from Parisian Sketches, No. 2), Percy E Fletcher
Berceuse de Jocelyn, B Godard
Bonaventure March, Frederic Curzon
Bowl of Pansies, J Reynard
Broadcasting, Mark Strong
Buffoon, Zez Confrey
By the Blue Hawaiian Waters, Albert Ketelbey
Christmas Memories, Herman Finck
Ciribiribin Valse, P Bucalossi
Colonel Bogey March, Kenneth J Alford
Dance of an Ostracised Imp, Frederic Curzon
Dawn of Freedom, Adolf Lotter
Day Dreams, H Wood
Dream Fantasy, Dereck Neville
Edris & Hyperion, R Gruenwald
El Abanico, Arthur Javaloyes
Elizabeth of England, Grand March, Haydn Wood
Elizabethan Serenade, Ronald Binge
Fête des Papillons (Intermezzo), A Wilke
For Liberty March, SE Morris
From Meadow to Mayfair, Eric Coates
Gershwin Melodies, George Gershwin
Girls of Vienna, CM Ziehrer
Grasshoppers Dance, P Bucalossi
Halcyon, Theo Moses-Tobani
In a Monastery Garden, Albert W Ketelby
In a Persian Market: Intermezzo Scene, Albert W Ketelby
In an Old-Fashioned Town, WH Squire
In the Shadows, Herman Finck
Indian Sagwa, TS Allen
Knights of the Round Table, J Ringelben
La Cinquantaine, JGP Marie
La Dame de Trefle, A Herman
Les Cloches de St Malo, Williams Rimmer
Les Patineurs (The Skaters' Waltz), Emile Waldteufel
Liberty Bell March, JP Sousa
March of the High School Cadets, JP Sousa
March of the Toys (from 'Babes in Toyland'), Victor Herbert
Marche des Moujicks, E Renelle
Monckton Melodies, Lionel Monckton
Noël Coward Melodies, Noël Coward
Norwegian Rhapsody No. 1, Johan S Svendsen
Nubiana, Emel Ascher
O Holy Night, Adolphe Adam
Old Faithful, Abe Holzmann
Old Folks at Home, and in Foreign Lands, Stephen Foster & Roberts
Parade of the Tin Soldiers, Léon Jessel
Plymouth Hoe, John Ansell
Potatoe-Bug Parade, GL Cobb
Praeludium, Armas Jarnefelt
Queen of the Surf March, John N Klohr
Sandpaper Ballet, Leroy Anderson
Satin Doll, Duke Ellington
Schön Rosmarin, Fritz Kreisler
Serenade, R Drigo
Serenade, Victor Herbert
Slavonic Rhapsody, Carl Friedemann
Solitude, EK (Duke) Ellington
Songs of the Hebrides, Marjory Kennedy-Fraser
Spanish Ballet Music, LC Desormes
Spring Zephyrs, LG del Castillo
Stephanie Gavotte, Alphonse Czibulka
Stepping the Scale, CF Clark
The Boulevardier, Frederic Curzon
The Free Lance March, JP Sousa
'The Friendly Rivals' Trumpet Duet, C Godfrey
The Grand Vizier, John Ansell
The Hippo Hop, Oswald Wilson
The Jersey Carnival, Daniel Luberfeld
The Leek, WH Myddleton
The Light Horse March, Franz von Blon
The Love Dance (intermezzo from Madame Sherry), Karl Hoschna
The Phantom Brigade: Descriptive Patrol, WH Myddleton
The Ragtime Bassplayer, Adolf Lotter
The Rose, Arthur Myddleton
The Temple Dancer, N Leigh
The Thin Red Line, Kenneth J Alforth
The Vanished Army (They Never Die) March, Kenneth J Alford
To the Sea (from 'Sea Pieces'), Edward MacDowell
Tokio Foxtrot, GL Cobb
Turkish Patrol, Th Michaelis
Upholding Freedom's Flag, HE Pether
Valse Estudiantina, Emile Waldteufel
Viennese Memories of Lehar, Franz Lehar
Vimy Ridge, Thos. Bidgood
Wellington March, W Zehle
When Shadows Gather, C Marshall
Willie Wood Would Whistle, George Ess
Yankee Grit, Abe Holzman
Yip! Yip! Yip! , WC Isel

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